Advantages and applications of ultra-clear glass

June 19, 2018 Industry news

Ultra-white glass, also known as colorless glass, high transparent glass, low-iron glass, is a high-grade variety of glass products, with high light transmittance and high transparency. The products are crystal clear, noble and elegant, and have the glass family "Crystal Prince". Said. High visible light transmittance, up to 91.5%, good permeability, low UV transmittance, etc. It is a new high-quality, multi-functional glass variety.

    In recent years, people's living standards have increased rapidly, and higher requirements have been placed on the performance of glass materials.

    In order to enhance the safety and artistry of glass, manufacturers have introduced a number of new glass products. “Ultra-white glass” determines its application in the high-end market due to its high light transmittance, high transparency, crystal clear product, low self-explosion rate, consistent color and less impurities. It is mainly used in interior and exterior decoration of high-end buildings. , electronic products, high-end car glass, solar cells, high-end horticultural construction, high-grade glass furniture, various crystal products and other industries.

    Because the light transmittance of ultra-white glass is above 91.5%, the technology content is relatively high, and the production is difficult, so it also has strong profitability. The higher quality determines its price, and the price of ultra-white glass is generally ordinary. The glass is 4~5 times (someone can even reach 6~10 times), the cost is only 2~3 times that of ordinary glass, and it has higher added value.

    The high price and excellent quality make the ultra-white glass a symbol of the identity of the building. From the perspective of market applications, such as: shopping is a jewelry store, hotel doors, or a fresh coffee shop, bright office, etc., we have a lot of things in our lives.

product advantages:
1. High safety: low self-explosion rate, never self-explosion since application
2, high transmittance: visible light transmittance is close to 92%, 6% higher than ordinary glass
3, high aesthetics: more beautiful than ordinary glass, with a jewel-like blue edge
4, high environmental protection: has passed the international authority of CE, SGS, REACH certification

From the perspective of sales around the world, those high-end restaurants, urban landmarks, government financial projects, large-scale high-end exhibition venues, such as Beijing's Bird's Nest, Water Cube, Chinese History Museum, National Grand Theatre, Shanghai Song Super-white glass is used in theaters and other famous buildings in China.

Therefore, its advantages and characteristics determine its overall market and application, so that our life has a lot of rich and wonderful.

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