Anti Reflective Glass

Thickness:3mm-8mm     Normal Size:2440mm*3660mm

Applications:display cabinets, indicators, watches, cellphones, art exhibitions

anti reflective glass

By plating a layer of anti-reflective film on the surface of common reinforced glass through magnetron sputtering coating technology , Anti-Reflective Glass can effectively reduce reflection of the glass itself, increase transmission of the glass so as to make the original color transmitting the glass more colourful and true.

Products Feature

  • The average visible light transmission exceeds 95% so as to highly improve the original luminance of LCD as well as PDP and reduce energy consumption.
  • It can effectively reduce the regret of picture’s whitening by behind strong light and make audience enjoy more clear image.
  • Strong reduction of ultraviolet transmittance in spectral region can effectively prevent eyes from being hurt by ultraviolet.
  • It can make colorful contrast of image stronger and scenery more clear.
  • With best abrasive resistance and scratch-proof performance, film layor’s hardness of AR glass is greater than 7H (Generally hardness of PC board is between 2H to 3H.) corresponding to glass.
  • Generally, visual angle will turn small after installation of acryl while visual angle will not turn small after installation of AR glass.
  • Optical Parameters


    ※Data are calculated according to ISO9050 & WINDOW 6.3 software,The above data are for reference only,the exact one will be provided by Liangze.

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