Colour Glass

Thickness:3mm~12mm     Normal Size:2440mm*3660mm

Applications: Showcases、Doors&Windows、Furniture 、Glass Curtain walls.

coloured glass

Tinted Glass is a kind of energy saving decorated glass which can keep excellent transparency and evidently absorb thermal radiation rays of the sun.
In general, for a certain degree of color in it, Tinted Glass is also called Coloured Heat-absorbing Glass with colors such as blue, brown, gray, green, gold and so on.
By absorbing radiating heat of the sun, Coloured Glass can reach effects avoiding heat and energy conservation by “Cold Room Effect”.
By making transmitted sunlight soft to avoid glaring, with absorbing ultraviolet rays of the sun effectively, Pigmented Glass can prevent indoor articles from fading and deterioration and increase beautiful appearance of building by its bright color and permanence.

Products Feature

  • It also has characteristics of low ultraviolet transmittance as well as excellent shading effects.
  • Due to its glorious colors, excellent decorative effects, bright colors as well as permanence, Pigmented Glass can increase colour change of building appearance and create higher value.
  • By strengthen absorbing and re-radiated effects, Pigmented Glass can reduce penetration of radiating heat so as to save energy.
  • Optical Parameters


    ※Data are calculated according to ISO9050 & WINDOW 6.3 software,The above data are for reference only,the exact one will be provided by Liangze.

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