Laminated Glass

Thickness:4mm~50mm     Normal Size:2440mm*3660mm

Applications: Doors&Windows、Curtain wall, daylighting ceiling、skylight, Ceiling, overhead grounds 、furniture door, decorative partition

low emissivity glass

Laminated Glass is a kind of compound glass made of two or several pieces of glass with one or several layers of organic polymer intermediate film in them. After special processing of high temperature preloading or evacuation as well as high temperature and high pressing, the glass will adhere to the films in it forever.
There are several kinds of common intermediate films of Laminated Glass such as PVB, SGP, EVA, PU and so on.
In addition, there are some special kinds of glass such as Laminated Glass of colorized intermediate film, Laminated Glass of SGX printed intermediate film, Laminated Glass of XIR LOW-E intermediate film and so on.
There are other kinds of glass, for example, decorated Laminated Glass as well as functional Laminated Glass such as Laminated Glass embedded decoration (gauze, plate and so on) and Laminated Glass embedded PET material.

Products Feature

  • Safety: Although the glass is broken under any external shock, it will still remain complete in the original frame.
  • Hurricane Prevention and Earthquake Resistance: Although the glass is broken, it will not fall wholly but be left positioned.
  • Bulletproof and Explosion-proof Property: Multi-intermediate films can produce bulletproof and explosion-proof glass of several grades.
  • UV-proof and Insulation: The glass has huge barrier function preventing from ultraviolet ray of sunlight and avoiding from the radiation of ultraviolet ray by reducing thermal transmittance effectively.
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