Low Emissivity Glass

Thickness:3mm-19mm     Normal Size:2440mm*3660mm

Applications:glass curtain wall, door and window ,Daylight roof, fridge all kinds of high-end projects such as ice chest

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Low Emissivity Glass is a kind of product coating film of multiple metal or other chemical compound on the surface of glass.
By coating film layer’s characteristics of high visible light transmission as well as high reflection of long and middle infrared ray, compared with common glass and traditional building coating film glass, Low Emissivity Glass has excellent thermal insulation effect and light transmission.

Products Feature

  • Higher visible light transmission: Visible light band keeps higher transmission with excellent natural lighting.
  • Extremely low solar energy transmission: By lower SC, Low Emissivity Glass can prevent transmission of solar thermal radiation especially transmission of near infrared thermal radiation.
  • Better thermal insulation: By lower thermal-conductivity coefficient of U value, Low Emissivity Glass has better thermal insulation effect in winter and effective restriction of thermal radiation outdoors in summer.
  • It also has advantages such as energy reduction, operation cost reduction, compressor load of air conditioner reduction, excellent machinable property, mechanism, good thermal insulation, curved and tempered usage, performance unlimited by different regions, adaption to regions of different climates.
  • Optical Parameters


    ※Data are calculated according to ISO9050 & WINDOW 6.3 software,The above data are for reference only,the exact one will be provided by Liangze.

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