Mirror Display Glass

Thickness:3mm~7mm     Normal Size:2440mm*3660mm

Applications:computer’s display screen, display equipment, intelligent sanitary mirror, waterproof TV, hairdressing mirror, fitting mirror

mirror display glass

Mirror Display Glass can change different display equipments into mirror display devices as needed.
With characteristics of high reflection and transmission, Mirror Display Glass is a kind of specialized optical lenses by mirror display devices. It can perfectly hide display system and show mirror effect outside when the display equipment is closed. When the display equipment is open, it can perfectly put light source of display equipment permeate and then show picture.

Products Feature

  • It can convert common screen into mirror screen so as to change indicator’sexterior
  • Reach rimless effect by hiding indicator and equipment behind
  • Change water-proofing performance of the screen itself, and protect vision by blue light filtration of ultraviolet radiation
  • It also has advantages such as temperable, touchable, non-conductive and anti-fingerprinting performances
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