One Way Mirror

Thickness:5mm-12mm     Normal Size:2440mm*3660mm

Applications:It also applys to some special sites such as police stations, watchhouses, prisons, courts, procurators, Karaoke bars, offices, kindergartens, mental hospitals and schools.

one way mirror

When taking use of One Way Glass, reflective surface of glass plate must be surface facing lights or oriented outdoor side. When outdoor lights are brighter than indoor lights, One Way Glass is similar to common mirror by seeing no indoor scenery from outside but outdoor scenery from inside.
However, when outdoor lights are darker than indoor lights, we can see indoor scenery from outside, at the same time, see outdoor scenery from inside. The clearity depends on the strength of indoor lighting. It will be the best choice to guard, ensure safety and monitor in the place which needs to be observed in the dark.

Products Feature

  • It has characteristics of abrasive resistance, scratched resistance as well as good transmission. As specialized optical glass frequently applied in places such as interrogation room and observation room, One Way Glass must has excellent transmission.
  • It also has characteristic of extremely high reflectivity. Reflectivity of some kinds of specilized One Way Glass can even exceed reflectivity of mirrors at home. Therefore, you can see extremely clear image reflected by it.
  • It can reach effects of seeing no outdoor scenery from inside but seeing indoor scenery from outside.
  • Optical Parameters


    ※Data are calculated according to ISO9050 & WINDOW 6.3 software,The above data are for reference only,the exact one will be provided by Liangze.

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