Switchable Glass

Thickness:6mm+6mm、8mm+8mm     Normal Size:2440mm*3660mm

Applications:It can be applied in medical institutions, museums, pavilions, shopping malls, bank’ s protection from burglary as well as dwellings.

switchable glass

Switchable Smart Glass is a new type of specialized photoelectric glass by compounding liquid crystal film between two layers of glass with being integrally shaped sandwich structure by high temperature and pressure.
Users control transparent and non-transparent status by controlling current electricity or not.
The glass itself not only has characteristics of all the safe glass, but also owns privacy protective function of controlling clarity of glass or not. Due to characteristics of liquid film interlayer, used as projective shadow, Dimming Glass can also take place of common wall so as to present high-definition picture on the glass.

Products Feature

  • Sound-proofing Characteristic: Light adjusting film and photographic film in Dimming Glass has sound damping effect.
  • It has advantages of safe glass such as safe performance preventing chips’ splash after broken as well as high resist-hitting strength.
  • Privacy Protection Function: The biggest effect of Smart Dimming Glass is privacy protection function so as to control transparent and non-transparent status of glass at any time.
  • Projective Function: Smart Dimming Glass is also a kind of excellent projective IPS. If you choose high lumen projector under a suitable light environment, projection imaging effect will be very clear. (It is suggested to choose rear projection imaging manner.)
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